It's time to invest in yourself

You hate having your picture taken, I totally get that (believe me, I am happiest at the other side of the lens) but sometimes we all deserve a little treat right? something to make us feel a million dollars, to give us that little confidence boost, to remember that we truly are beautiful. 

A few months back I had a wonderful session with the excruciatingly talented photographer Sarah over at Redshoe, I have never been so nervous about anything in my entire life, even getting married didn't come close to how I felt about having this photoshoot done. you can check out my story by clicking here, whilst driving to the session I was so nervous, almost called and cancelled the session, I felt sick to the pit of my stomach... but I had invested into getting these images, for myself, for my husband and for my children. so I went along... after having a lovely make over by the wonderful Mandy, I then went onto the session itself... and you know what? I LOVED IT, I actually felt special for the first time in such a long time, you can have someone tell you you are beautiful a million times, but unless you feel it yourself, then those words mean nothing. 

Since the session I have had some training with Sarah at her first ever workshop, (which I can highly recommend), I wanted to learn her magic ways to enable me to make you feel special, make you realise that you are bloody amazing and so, so beautiful. 

So here we have it, the Real Women Sessions, designed to show you just how amazing you really are, I am excited to have teamed up with the lovely Nicky Cox from Paint Me Beautiful, together we are giving you the ultimate pamper experience, a luxurious make over with Nicola and a carefully styled photo session with me which will be discussed with you at length, allowing me to create images that accentuate your true beauty... these sessions are carried out in the comfort of your own home until the studio is up and running. 

Yesterday we had a trial run with the wonderful bride to be, Nia... Here is what she had to say about her experience...

"I absolutely loved my photo session with Karen and Nicky yesterday, booking the session was probably the most nerve wracking thing I've done in a long time and it's something I've never done before"

"After having a baby my body confidence took a hit - but as soon as I met Karen and Nicky I felt so comfortable and at ease! Before the photo session began Karen had organised a very talented make up artist, Nicky (paint me beautiful by Nicky Cox) to come and do my boudoir make up. Nicky used a neutral pallet to keep it soft and natural and giving make up advice and tips on doing my own make up"

"After my pamper session and having my make up done and looking in the mirror I felt confident and sexy! As we moved on to the session Karen guided me through different poses and made me feel so comfortable the whole way through I didn't want the session to end"

"I decided to do the session to boost my confidence again and it defiantly has! I loved every minute and would love to do it all again. Thank you Karen for a wonderful professional experience".... Nia xxxx

Nia you are beautiful in every sense of the word, we loved spending time with you, and seeing you relax once you made friends with the camera xxx

For more information about the sessions, please do get in contact with me.... I can't wait to hear from you and make you feel bloody amazing about yourself, and show you exactly what everyone else sees...Much love, Karen xxxxxx

The best friend you will ever find is you. Love yourself with joy and fill your heart with bliss and happiness.
— Debasish Mridha