Machine House Summer Menu

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the Machine House, Summer Menu.

The restaurant has recently been given a new lease of life by Kevin Lynne and his team.  Head chef and owner, Kevin has worked previously alongside Raymond Blanc and David Cavalier before becoming executive chef at the Belle Epoque where he gained two AA Rosettes and was entered into the Michelin Guide. 

After his wonderful achievements, Kevin decided to take his passion to another level and open the Machine House in his name where he can now show off all his past experiences and grace the idyllic village of Rosssett with his wonderful food.

Inside, the Machine house is full of character, the cosiness makes perfect for a romantic meal or family gathering.  Historically, the building dates from the mid-19th century It was home to Rossett’s post office in the 1870s and 1880s and still boasts many of its original characteristics. (history points)

The Machine House uses only local sourced food, their philosophy is "if it doesn't graze or swim in the Birtish Isles and ideally sing the Welsh national anthem, then you won't find it on our menu"  and what a menu they have on offer, scroll down and see for yourself.. prepare to be feeling peckish afterwards. 

The garden area outside makes for perfect dining during the summer months, and whilst you are there why not sample a Vodka Espresso or a refreshing Gin & Mint.. you won't be disappointed. 

To find out more about the Machine House or to book a table, you can find the website by clicking here or the Facebook page by clicking here