Someday, all you will have left are photographs .

Now bear with me here, this isn't meant to be a sad post, but I fear I may make some of you all feel a little teary at some point, and if I do then I have got my point across perfectly. 

The sad reality is that someday all we will have are photographic memories, your children and their children will have a box of memories to look though,  but just think about how important those photographs are?  For many of you reading this, you will be nodding in agreement, because for some of you they are all you have, for some you may not even have those which is incredibly sad. 

Let me explain.... 

This is my vivacious Nanna Parry, I remember the day I had the phone call to tell me that she had passed away, I remember exactly where I was, I remember the heavy feeling in my heart, I remember the sadness that everyone who knew her and loved her felt, I remember getting home after her funeral and scrambling around to find a photograph of her, I had forgotten what she looked like, forgotten the smells, the sound of her voice,  I had forgotten her in that short time after she passed. 


I came across this picture in my parents house, this picture is the one that makes everything come flooding back. When I look at my Nan's happy face all the memories are there, this is her, this is how I remember her, I can smell her smell, I can feel the heat from her coal fire that she would have roaring no matter what the weather was doing outside, I can hear her voice and her belly laughs. 

I can visualise her in her little bungalow in Penycae, pottering around in her apron. she was a larger than life lady with nothing but love for her children, grand children and great grand children, I only wish my own daughters would have had the chance to know her. 

I can vividly remember her love for sports, there was always some sporting programme on the telly, particularly the Tennis and Wrestling (Big Daddy was a firm favourite for her) 

I remember the Christmases she would spend with us and how she would enjoy a tipple of Whiskey and ginger ale, her laughter would roar through the house.

I laugh when I think of the time she fell off a wall backwards in Llangollen because she was laughing so hard, I remember visiting Barmouth with her and laughing my arse off when she innocently asked my dad why the donkey had five legs. (if you know, you know)

I remember her always asking me to morris dance (don't judge) when I visited, and I would put on a display of my best moves whilst her and my Aunty Joan would be hiding their laughter. (and failing miserably) 

I remember her through this very photograph.  I remember all of these things because of this picture, I don't feel sad when I look at it, I can smile and remember her like she is sat next to me.  

I know I bang on about the importance of existing in pictures, but they really an amazing legacy to leave behind, without them we have nothing. This legacy will be passed through generations. 

Now ladies (and some of you gents) just imagine if my Nan had hated having her picture taken? imagine if she hated the way she looked or was worried her hair was messy, or her make up wasn't done, imagine if she had refused to have this picture taken because she felt fat?

Please, please believe me when I say this, your children won't give a crap about how you look in the photographs, not once will the thought ever cross their minds that you didn't look anything other than perfect, than beautiful...  You are there, in their hand, tucked away in their wallet, placed in the locket of your daughter.. on the mantlepiece, forever living, tucked into the heart of their memories. 

If you have had a session with me, you will know that I encourage you to get in the images, I often take them of you when you are completely unaware.  and I do this for your children and their children.. 

I love that I get to do this for a job, who wouldn't? 

There is always a good time to have a family session, always a good time to make those memories. 

karen xxxx