What happens when you have a child free day....

Please be aware that this blog post contains the "C" Word.   

Today I have had an unexpected child free day (thanks to the biggest teenager, taking the littlest terror out), so instead of spending it having an afternoon nap, watching films, drinking gin or getting stuck into my new book, I have instead had my diary out planning sessions for the remainder of the year..   AND.. it suddenly dawned on me that Autumn is just a few months away.. (where the frig is this year going?) so I got thinking about the most beautiful season of them all. 

Everything just seems so different in Autumn,  the days are shorter, the ombre colours of the leaves are ever changing, the light is always perfect and there is always a fresh chill in the air. 

SO.. how about we get wrapped up warm & snuggly and head out for your family portraits (you know, the one that you have been putting off having since forever?)  I will also add that they will make a perfect Christmas Gift for Grannies, Aunties and Uncles ( yep.. the dreaded C word, I said it :-) 

let the kids have a kick about in the leaves or if you fancy it you can all enjoy mugs of hot chocolate all wrapped in a chunky knitted blanket full of smiles and love..heck I will even supply the Hot Chocolate. This is your session, you tell me what you envisage, I tell you just how we are going to achieve it.. and you my dear's, are going to rock the session!

So, if you fancy grabbing a session? (be quick, they go like hot cakes)  come and say hello by clicking here

Speak Soon, I can't wait to meet you. 

Karen xxxxx

£20.00 Deposit secures your spot - Payment plans are also available.