In Home Newborn Lifestyle Sessions

You may move home several times throughout your baby's life, but the place where you take them straight from the hospital, feeling a little anxious and not sure what to expect will always be their very first home. 

The place where they will take their first bath, smile for the first time, cut their first tooth, celebrate their first birthday and take their very first steps.. so why not have their very first photoshoot right there?

When I first ventured into photography, I just knew that photographing newborns in the studio wasn't for me, I mean I love to look at them and am in absolute awe of those who do them, but for me I love to document the interaction, there is something truly special about capturing real moments as they occur, the snuggles, kisses and natural smiles and laughter.

Many new parents are opting for a more naturalistic approach to their new baby's first photos, and whats even better is that you don't need to leave the house during the early weeks, because lets face it its easier to herd cattle than leave the house with a newborn, I simply come to your home and capture you in the environment where you are most comfortable and as opposed to a studio shoot there is absolutely no time limit on the sessions, I am there as long as it takes to get the shots I need, taking into consideration time for feeds, changes and those epic poo explosions, if baby needs a bath then I will be on hand to capture that too, the session is led by your baby and his/her needs. 

Details, I'm all about the details. the small hand that tenderly grips on to your finger, the lips with the little feeding blister on them, the sweetest little feet you will have ever seen, I love them and incorporate these into each session, they grow so quickly, those hands will soon be holding yours as you take them to school for their first time. trust me, it comes along so fast, so capturing them is a memorable reminder of how small they once were. 

Brothers and sisters are always welcome to get involved even your family pet.  And mum, I know that your tired, I know that you feel you may not be looking your best, heck, you just grew and delivered a baby, you are freaking amazing! I will encourage you, but not force you to get involved in the session, if you are not keen on being in the images, I will use your hands and shoulders and shoot from various angles to ensure that you are comfortable and not entirely in the image, but do give getting involved some thought beforehand, your child would love to see you in the images when they are older, dads this is the same for you too. 

Many parents feel that they need to have a massive cleaning spree or even decorate before I come out, I don't ask for this, in fact I would discourage it, if I feel that something is in the way of a shot, I will move it and put it back before I leave, but in all honesty, I like chaos, toys on the floor, magazines on the coffee table etc, this is your story, your home, don't feel the need to change it. 

Preferring to use natural light I will look around your home for the best lighting conditions, wether it be your front room, bedroom or nursery, and for some shots I will direct you into the light and get you to naturally interact with your baby, you already can't stop looking at them and smelling them right? and thats exactly what we will be doing, there will be absolutely no looking at the camera with forced smiles.. scouts honour. 

The most common question I get asked it "what shall we wear" well, you wear what ever you would like, what ever you feel comfortable in, some parents prefer to wear neutral colours, whilst other opt for more brighter options, its entirely up to you, if you wanted to do a few outfit changes them I'm cool with that. This session is all about you and if wearing your pyjamas makes you feel comfortable, then so be it. 

If you would like to have a more in-depth chat about the sessions then you can contact me by clicking here or give me a call on 07523060583. More session information and prices can be found right here

I can only imagine where these tiny feet will go in their lifetime. My only hope is that they never forget the way home. - Unkown