Red Shoe Workshop

Last week I attended a workshop, run by the talented, sassy, and bloody beautiful Sarah over in her Red Shoe Studio in Cheshire.

The lovely Lucy who was our real woman model for the day had her hair and make up done by the magical Mandy Rigby who is nothing short of amazing at what she does, Mandy is also part of the whole Red Shoe experience (I can highly vouch for this experience, I have had my own session done, and can't put into words how utterly amazing it was) 

Sarah ran through various posing techniques, designed to flatter and bring out the very best in female clients, after some lunch and laughter, we had the chance to pose Lucy and take some shots, with the guidance of Sarah. 

I learnt so much from this workshop, I can highly recommend it to fellow photographers.  Not only did sarah share her tips and experience, she also opened up her heart. Her friendly personality, quirky wit and endless energy made the workshop fun, interactive and worth every single penny. 

Sarah, Mandy & Lucy... thank you for a wonderful day... you have no idea how much my creative juices are flowing.