Children Sessions


Kids! I just love them, I love bringing out a child's personality no matter how young  or shy they might be. I do my child sessions on location in the great outdoors, I find children respond better outdoors as opposed to the studio, plus it gives us lots of room to splash in puddles, dance and jump about and hunt for bugs. 

Being a mum myself I totally get your fears of having your kids photographed, but I won't be forcing your child into something they don't feel comfortable with, I have a number of tricks to remove that finger from the nose.  My sessions are as fun as they can be, they are natural and I am able to converse with your child to get the very best out of them. 

Prior to your session I will want to find out about your kids, what do they love to do? are they comfortable with strangers (we can always meet before hand so they can get to know me a little if this is the case) what do they love to watch, favourite games etc, this gives me a little information to chat with them during the session. 

I promise you, we will work together to create something as unique as your kids are. 

All my children's sessions include unlimited outfit changes

Sessions are for a maximum of three children, additional £30 per extra child. 

Package A
1-2 hour session
20 Digital Images
5 10x8 Professional Mounted Prints & 1 16x12 framed print*

Package B
1-2 Hour Sesion
10 Digital Images
2 7X5 & 1 16x12 Professional Mounted Prints*

Package C
1-2 Hour Session
3 Digital images
1 16x12 Professional Print.*

* Prints are chosen from your selected digital images